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FoodGrads Podcast

Jan 17, 2024

On today’s episode we are talking about the ins and outs of food inspections, the art of communication in the workplace and balancing work a master’s program. Our guest today is Mariia Melnychuk, Food Processing Specialist Inspector at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and MSc. student for Food Safety & Quality Assurance at University of Guelph. The CFIA is a key science-based federal regulator of food, animals and plants. The CFIA is committed to enhancing the safety of food produced and sold in, or imported into, Canada, contributing to the health of animals and protecting the plant resource base.

Mariia graduated from Niagara College with an advanced diploma & Associate’s Degree in Food Science and Technology and since then has held multiple food safety positions. Her current master’s research is looking at consumers perceptions of cultured meat. 


[00:00] Introduction
[1:02] Mariia's Journey to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
[8:40] Important skills for a food processing inspector 
[15:21] Stories that have stuck out to Mariia 
[18:54] Exploring Maria's UofG Master's Program
[24:20] Mariia's thesis on perceptions in cell based meats 
[25:45] Choosing the Right Research Topic
[26:43] Difficulties of conducting surveys 
[27:06] Current State of Cell-Based Meats in Canada
[30:29] The Role of Supervisors in Research
[38:23] Why Mariia decided to get a master's degree 
[40:29] Advice for Students and Closing Remarks


Mariia Melnychuk LinkedIn

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

University of Guelph's Food Safety and Quality Assurance program

Information about the different roles CFIA inspectors carry out

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Mariia Melnychuk LinkedIn

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