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FoodGrads Podcast

Apr 3, 2024

On today’s episode we are talking about the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN), CFIN's career resource library, Jamil's career story and cool innovation happening in Canada.

Our guest today is Jamil Karim, Director of Communications for CFIN. CFIN helps to fund transformative foodtech projects, stimulate collaboration, and foster a growing community of food and beverage professionals. They connect the Canadian food and beverage ecosystem to new ideas, opportunities, and technologies to increase collaboration and position Canada as a global leader in food innovation.

Jamil Karim combines more than a decade of marketing and communications experience with a passion for helping people and companies tell their stories. He also has extensive experience working with industry, where he’s led media and community relations strategies for some of the country’s fastest growing tech companies. Additionally, Jamil is deeply committed to having a positive impact on his community.


This podcast episode is sponsored by the Canadian Food Innovation. Check out CFIN’s Career Hub  code to learn more about CFIN's free membership, our Food Innovator Career Hub, and how can you can join the fastest growing food business community in the country. 


[0:00] Introduction

[1:43] Jamil’s career path in communications and public relations up until CFIN

[6:57] Skills required in communication roles

[14:26] About CFIN

[23:15] Food tech innovation and collaboration in Canada

[26:36] Green-tech definition

[28:37] CFIN’s career hub

[34:45] Jamil’s research process

[38:05] Canadian innovation trends

[41:27] Challenges of implementing innovation

[44:35] CFIN funded startups

[48:58] Advice for students looking to innovate


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CFIN’s Career Hub



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