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FoodGrads Podcast

Jul 19, 2023

We are covering finding a career that matches your passions, cultivating innovation, navigating your career in an age of change and the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN).

Our guest today is Michelle Brisebois, Senior Marketing Strategist and Founder of Textrix Consulting Ltd. Textrix has start-ups define marketing strategy, mid size companies boost their SEO through engaging and optimized content plans, and have conducted research and discovery on digital transformation trends used by large, international software companies.

Michelle has launched products, brands and campaigns across a wide array of packaged goods and service industries. She is also a published writer and part-time Marketing Professor at Niagara College. Overall, she is a lover of technology, restaurants, retail and people.


This episode of the podcast is brought to you by our Education Partner the Niagara College. Niagara College is the leading innovator in Learning Enterprises, with on-campus businesses in beer, wine, distilling and greenhouse where you can hone your business and entrepreneurship skills. You can get involved in the operations of these businesses as part of your learning journey. Niagara College is one of Canada's top Research Colleges, with a strong food and beverage research program. You might just get involved in our research programs to innovate and accelerate with industry partners on your learning journey.


[2:32] Who Michelle Brisebois is and what Textrix Consulting Ltd is

[5:49] What drew Michelle to marketing

[14:17] What is the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN)

[19:48] Michelle's definition of innovation

[22:39] How students get better at innovating 

[27:39] The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

[31:10] Michelle's take on artificial intelligence and how it will affect jobs in the food space 

[37:34] Being open to new experiences and career roles


Michelle Brisebois