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FoodGrads Podcast

Jun 21, 2023

We are covering what does a product developer do, advice for students looking to go into product development and paying mind to allergens when to creating products but we'll also go deeper on how to embrace challenges to help you grow. 

Liana Yee is a Junior Product Specialist at Export Packers Company Limited. Export Packers is an international importer, exporter and distributor of food commodities. They operate five key business segments: International Trading, Domestic Food Service, Retail, Asian and Fresh Seafood. You may know them for their retail product lines of Diamond Harvest and Ocean Jewel. Liana is a graduate of the University of Guelph Food Science program and has had roles in Quality Control and Quality Assurance. She is passionate about raising around food allergens and supporting students. 


[2:05] University of Guelph Spill the Beans Event
[3:45] What Liana does at Export Packers as a product developer
[8:49] Where Liana gets her inspiration when developing new products 
[10:41] How Liana got to where she is today 
[20:29] Times that Liana has used her background from QA in her product development
[21:59] What Liana enjoys about her current job
[28:10] Why Liana enjoys about thinking about allergies when developing products
[35:06] Challenges that Liana is currently experiencing with her work 
[43:15] Advice Liana would give to students that want a career similar to hers


Liana Yee