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FoodGrads Podcast

Jul 26, 2021

On episode 25 I interviewed Luna Guiot, Brewing Quality Assurance Analyst with Labatt Breweries of Canada. Labatt's is one of Canada's leading brewers and has a portfolio of more than 60 beers with nine breweries across Canada. Their brands include Budwiser, Stella Artois and Alexander Keith's.

On this episode Luna gave me the run down on what she does as a Quality Analysis and the taste properties which are important in a high quality beer. Interestingly, Luna did not intend to go into the food industry when she started at university. She actually went to school for Biology with a specialization in molecular and genetics. It wasn't until her internship at a dairy company that she got interested in food and decided to make the transition. Luna explains why in the episode and how her curiosities in business as well has led her to deciding to get two master's degree in business management.

I think this is a great episode for you biologists out there because Luna made some really good points on why people in biology are important to the future food industry. Luna was a pleasure to talk to and you can just hear the enthusiasm in her voice that she is excited about innovation in the food space. I can't wait to see what comes next in her career path!

Show Notes: