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FoodGrads Podcast

Nov 21, 2021

On episode 31 we interviewed Kim Chackal, Director of Sales & Marketing at Equifruit. Equifruit is (Un)officially the most “extra” Fairtrade-certified banana brand out there. They are Fairtrade fruit importer and marketer that makes social impact as appetizing as pop culture.

In this episode Kim and Veronica talked about:

  • Equifruit 's story  and how they came to.
  • What exactly fairtrade is
  • Why conventional banana's really shouldn't be the price that they are.
  • Purchasing fairtrade banana's won't  break your bank
  • Equifruit's unique approach to marketing How selling produce is different is than processed goods
  • Kim's career and what she does
  • SheEO and how they are supporting women-led ventures.

Show Notes