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FoodGrads Podcast

Dec 8, 2020

On this week's podcast we interview Bernard Verkaaik, the Founder and Operating Manager of the Greater Goods, a food industry consultancy based in Toronto,Ontario.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The Greater Goods 
  • How supermarkets working in terms of "listing a product",
  • What the difference is between a broker and distributor
  • Things exciting Bernard about the food industry right now
  • Futurepeneurs program

Bernard is an expert at his craft. You can tell that he is excited about the food industry and playing a role in shaping what is to come. Not mention you can just tell he loves his job and seeing others to succeed in their buisnesses. If you are unsure about the inner working of a grocery store and want to understand what happens after you develop a product than this is the episode for you. And with that onto the show