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FoodGrads Podcast

Aug 3, 2022

On episode 49 of the FoodGrads Podcast we interviewed Tia Glave, Food Safety, Quality, & Regulatory Consultant and Co-founder Catalyst, LLC.

Catalyst LLC was created in 2021 by Tia Glave and Jill Stuber. Catalyst is a comprehensive and holistic coaching program for creating transformational change within people and organizations toward the ultimate food safety and quality culture.

In this episode Tia talked to us about:

🟠 How she got into food safety with a chemical engineering degree

🟠 What is a sustainable food safety culture

🟠 Catalyst LLC and their unique approach to food safety

🟠 Her strong passion for championing black talent in food safety

🟠 Systems thinking and proven methods in food safety

🟠 How food safety can be fun

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