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FoodGrads Podcast

Mar 21, 2022

On this special edition of the FoodGrads Podcast the podcast is taking a look at highlights from mentorship sessions with a partnership with CareersNow!  Food and Beverage Ontario has launched the CareersNow! program looking to bring awareness, to assist people in exploring a variety of careers in Ontario's food and beverage processing industry.

Over the past year with CareersNow! we have hosted 12 mentorship sessions where students or new graduates while actually really anyone could attend virtual career advice sessions with leading professionals to learn more about the exciting career pathways in the industries and get their questions asked a lot.

In this episode hear highlights from: 

  • Alvin Alexander, Maintenance Mechanic at FGF brands
  • Morolayo Mould at Kerry
  • Gireesh Raina Food Inspector at the Ontario Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Rural Affairs
  • Swarna Ariyakumar Senior Packaging Engineer at Mars Canada.

Show Notes