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FoodGrads Podcast

Mar 20, 2024

On today’s episode we are talking about buliding a career journey into the tea industry, the differences about blended and single orgin teas, fostering a sense of continuous learning and problem-solving techniques which are pivotal for his consulting pursuits in the tea industry and advice for those looking to go into the tea industry. 

Our guest today is William (Billy) Dietz, author or the book Spill the Tea. Billy has been in love with the tea industry since he first discovered the health benefits of tea back in high school. Billy has over 15 years of career knowledge. Which has amassed from his time as a tea blogger, a tea entrepreneurship, working in product development at DavidsTEA to currently being an independent tea consultant.


This episode of the podcast is supported by CareersNow! CareersNow! is Food and Beverage Ontario’s multi-year workforce development initiative that is connecting students and job seekers with employers in Ontario’s food and beverage processing industry for exciting career opportunities. Check out for more information on exciting jobs, career information, industry mentors and training opportunities for professional development.


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Coming soon! 

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