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FoodGrads Podcast

Sep 9, 2023

Rebecca Bradley is the Chief Marketing Officer at Terra Bioindustries . Terra Bioindustries is a Canada based start-up helping to create a more circular economy with existing supply chain. They make highly sustainable products for the food, fermentation and chemical waste industries all while lowering food waste!

Rebecca graduated from the University of Guelph in their Biology/Biological Science program with minor biotechnology and a specialization in plant science. She went on to obtain a master’s degree from the University of Guelph in Biotechnology. She is a a creative mind in the scientific community looking to showcase the value of scientific innovations in new and growing industry.

On this episode we are talking about the up-cycling of Brewer’s Spent Grains, the importance of story-telling when showcasing scientific innovations and what it’s it like working at a start-up.


This episode of the podcast is supported by CareersNow! CareersNow! is Food and Beverage Ontario’s multi-year workforce development initiative that is connecting students and job seekers with employers in Ontario’s food and beverage processing industry for exciting career opportunities. Check out for more information on exciting jobs, career information, industry mentors and training opportunities for professional development.

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by our Education Partner the University of Guelph. U of G offers more than 80 undergrad programs, more than 100 graduate and post-doctoral study programs, co-op education in a wide variety of disciplines, support for international students, continuing education for lifelong learners, diploma programs and access to a unique form of higher education at the University of Guelph-Humber. We'll help you make the choices - we'll help you explore the possibilities. Our community is tailored for students, and that difference is noticeable from the first moment you get in touch.


[1:48] Rebecca and Veronica talk about Canada’s wildfire situation

[4:17] What Terra Bio Industries is and Rebecca’s role there

[10:34] How Terra Bio Industries has helped other organizations with their food waste

[11:39] What Brewer’s Spent Grains are

[15:58] How Terra Bio Industries began

[20:21] Scaling up products from bench scale to commercial scale

[23:22] Different kinds of Brewers Spent Grains

[25:02] How Rebecca ended up in a marketing position after her science degree

[30:15] The human aspect when story-telling and conveying this messaging for start-ups

[39:07] What it is like working in a start-up

[43:17] Benefits of working at a start-up

[47:14] What collaboration looks like for a start-up

[49:30] The first steps that someone can take to present themselves in a way that brings value

[54:53] What’s next for Terra Bioindustries/ Where you can find Rebecca


Terra Bioindustries

Rebecca Bradley LinkedIn

University of Guelph