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FoodGrads Podcast

May 31, 2023

Graduating with a PhD can sometimes put you in a difficult position when trying to find a job when you graduate. You are highly educated but may not have the work expierence that employers are looking for. Sripad has made it to the other side and understands how both sides of the coin work. In this episode, Sripad talks about his PhD journey, what he does at Arda Inc. and the differences between academia and industry.

Sripad Josei, PhD. is an Operations Manager at Ardra Inc. Arda Inc is harnessing the power of engineering biology to solve pressing problems in the sustainable supply of natural ingredients. They use designer biochemical pathways to produce high-value ingredients for cosmetics, beverage and pharmaceuticals industries using renewable sugars.


[2:31] Sripad introduces himself and what he does at Arda Inc. 

[3:55] What precision fermentation is

[8:07] Sripad's Ph.D. Dissertation and what it focused on

[10:36] Sripad's experience with the Ivy Business School in Western Ontario 

[14:02] The benefits of cold emailing 

[18:19] Why your Ph.D. is more like "work" rather then "school"

[22:16] Skills you learn in your Ph.D. that are transferable to the workplace 

[37:22] Should take an entry-level role out of your Ph.D. 

[44:00] Differences in managing your time in academia vs industry

[48:17] Sripad's advice for new graduates of graduate programs


Sripad Josei